Can a patent department be outsourced?
Yes, it can, and we are quite experienced in helping especially small and young companies that do not have sufficient personnel for patent management and the diverse tasks and routines associated with the handling of patent files. We know that such firms are easily overwhelmed by the correspondence with external law firms reporting on complex procedural issues associated with the national and international filing and prosecution of patent applications. From first-hand experience we know how to provide appropriate instructions, and how and when to trigger the right IP activities that are necessary in a particular business situation. In short: We are able to translate patent language into business language. In doing so, we successfully rely on online communication tools such as Web-meetings to ensure direct communication with minimum delay and minimum cost associated.

Patent management and administration
We provide not only high-level advice to senior management, but we can also keep and manage our clients internal patent files with a state-of-the art docketing system managed and supervised by our experienced paralegal team. We will monitor and alert you on the various deadlines associates with the patent application and prosecution process of your growing patent portfolio.

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